All Welcome! Monthly Meetings at the Sooke Library

We’re back tonight with the first of a new season’s third-Wednesday monthly meetings at the Vancouver Island Regional Library – Sooke on Anna Marie Road.  Join our regulars at 6:30 p.m. and stay as long as you can or like until our kind and accommodating librarian friends show us the door at 8 pm closing time. Topics on the always relaxed agenda include our fourth Repair Cafe (set for Sunday, Oct. 21 at the Community Hall), a status update on our call for a single-use plastic bag ban in Sooke, and perhaps whatever YOU have on your own mind and wish to share as we work towards the aspirational goal summed up in our name. Please join us! 😍

PS On the subject of zero waste policies in BC, here’s some good news: The City of Victoria’s call for provincial plastic-bag legislation was passed last week at the Union of BC Municipalities convention in Whistler.  A sister resolution for a broader BC Zero Waste strategy also received the thumb’s up from municipal representatives.

The latter resolution reads: “Provincial Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy — Endorsed as amended: ‘Therefore be it resolved that the Province of British Columbia engage the packaging industry to develop a Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy as a part of a provincial Zero Waste Strategy, which would include but not necessarily be limited to plastic and paper shopping bags, polystyrene foam cups and polystyrene foam containers, other hot and cold drink cups and take-out containers.'”

Now that’s worthy of a sincere toast (in a ceramic cup or glass) to all responsible.  Over to Premier Horgan’s government to make it happen!