Third (First Anniversary) Repair Cafe

Once again, we’re issuing the call to everyone in Sooke to bring their out-of-sorts gizmos, gadgets, chain saws and whatevers to the  Sooke Repair Cafe #3 (First Anniversary) on Sunday, April 22. It’s one big, critical (to the 5Rs worldview) aspect of our town’s Planet Earth Party: A Sooke Region Earth Day Celebration.  Our coordinator Bernie Klassen has again rounded up an ace crew to assess, troubleshoot and hopefully return to working order whatever you carry in through the door. Hearty hat tip to (in alphabetical order) Elgin Ambrose (wood repairs), Cyal Cassette (bike tune-ups), Dan Cotterell (soldering), Pam FitzGerald (sewing/mending), Paula Johanson (knitted goods), Triston Line (networking demonstration), Jeremy Newell (general repairs), Benoit Renault (electro-mechanical) and Tina Saikaley (appliances). Doors will be open from 10 am to 3 pm, and you’re again invited to bang a gong and drop a donation in the tip jar for any successful repairs.